May has been a whirlwind…

The Upgala

On May 3rd, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the UP and Away Gala hosted by Catholic Family Service, in support of their F&ST program.  I learned so much about the F&ST program, who’s acronym stands for Families and Schools together. The program really serves to heal and grow relationships both within the family structure and within the school community.   As a young person myself, I can completely relate to the isolation that one may sometimes feel when dealing with the trials and tribulations of this thing called childhood. It is so encouraging to see that there is a program out there that addresses this.   

The experience was truly incredible.  I know, this may sound cliché, but honestly, that is the only way I can describe it.  As a volunteer, I had the fun jobs of blowing up balloons for the famous balloon raffle     (with a few casualties of course), doing set up on the day of the event and greeting guests at the door.  Surprisingly, not all the faces were strangers to me, and I was happy to see that there are quite a few people that I know that support CFS.  Going behind the scenes allowed me to get a small glimpse of all the work and effort that was involved to pull off such an incredible and successful event. Altogether, the gala raised over $310 000.

Heritage Fair

I had the pleasure of being a guest judge at the 2018 Calgary and Region History Fair. This Canadian Heritage Fair program encourages young Albertans to explore their history and compose a presentation based on their findings. From the history of donuts to the Canadian Arm, these kids never ceased to amaze me. It was so wonderful seeing all the talent and potential of each child. This made my job extremely difficult to chose the winners of the theatrics awards. They were all so deserving.

Mother’s Day Walk

Along with Miss Teenage South Calgary, we joined the Breast  Cancer Society of Canada as they hosted their annual Mother’s Day Walk. The day was filled with plenty of park walk festivities. The two of us rotated between stations, distributing merchandise, giving out (temporary) tattoos to the children and participating in the very popular photo booth. Before the walk was to begin, we kicked things off with a Zumba warm up while dancing to the Zoomer Radio music.  As volunteers we were all requires to wear bright pink under armour sock, however knee high socks combined with the hot weather leaves you with crazy bad tan lines. So I was stuck wearing jeans for the rest of the week.

Ranchman’s Cookhouse & Dancehall – Stampede Music Video

With the Stampede just around the corner, I was asked to join a group of incredibly talented individuals to shoot a music video at the Ranchmans. This medley of people included an international Gemini Award winning movie maker, an olympian, a world class bull rider and us pageant girls. It was quite the experience! There were some country dancers who could definitely pull off some serious cheerleading stunts. Those girls put my dancing skills to shame and made me want to brush up on them. I even had the chance to attempt to mount the mechanical bull. Sadly, not much success there; but I have all Stampede to learn.


Although I finished High School back in late January, I didn’t get to celebrate until now.  The St Mary’s High School Graduation Dinner and Dance was held at the BMO center. Although the tickets to attend were expensive, my gown certainly was not.  I purchased it while volunteering at the Gown Town Sale last month for a mere $8.00. Yes, you read right. Although alteration cost me $90, I still came out ahead… I think.  Walking the stage took place the following Tuesday, at Jubilee Auditorium. After a few pictures, it was off to Earls. The big surprise was from my Uncle, who gave me a necklace from Tiffany, a staple in any girl’s closet.


Getting accepted into University should be one of the most exciting moments of your life. In my case, it was the most nerve wracking. You see, I had encountered a few unfortunate turn of events during my time in high school that put my post secondary future at risk. I’ll avoid going into detail (since I could probably write a novel on it), but let me just say that it was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. And it doesn’t help that I’m the oldest child in my family (also known as the guinea pig). But the ending to this chapter is a happy one. I am excited that I will be heading down East this fall to study Engineering at the University of Guelph. I have to mention that most of this is due to the help I received from Blake Morrison and Greg Radovan over at Admission Services at the U of G.  They are officially my heros.

Stay tuned for the summer updates!

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“I don’t do normal” is probably the best way to sum me up.  And that works just fine for me.  Most of the time.  It sure has been the theme of 2018.  In January, I started at Mount Royal University, all the while finishing up high school diplomas.  It was a whirlwind, but the reward was an early university start and a quick trip to New York in February to celebrate my 18th birthday.  Yes, New York was freezing, but hey New York is New York.

After I arrived back to YYC, I was excited to celebrate my little brother’s birthday.  He is born on St Patrick’s Day, so needless to say, this kid is a lucky one. His birthday also fell on the day on the pageant for Miss Teen Alberta!  The stars seem to be aligning, and leaving my comfort zone behind, I thought I would jump on the chance to participate.

To my delight, the experience was fantastic.  The girls and organizers were an incredible bunch of ladies!  I was honoured to be given the Title of Miss Teenage North Calgary.  The experience was really special and humbling at the same time. Special, because I connected with some great people.  And humbling, that there are people that are able to see past all your flaws and insecurities and see something positive in me.

In the short weeks that I have been Miss Teenage North Calgary, I have had some amazing experiences.  I have been to be photographed by Olympic medallist Lascelles Brown and by Tino Photo. I was able to volunteer with the other winners at Gown Town, attend the Hope Charity event and help out in preparing for the upcoming UP Gala, which is happening on May 3rd at the BMO centre. (

I hope y’all will stay to tune to my journey to Toronto, where I will compete in Nationals.  And a big thank you for the support and well wishes.

Written by: Allyx
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Written by: MTC Blog Team
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Monday night we had our sponsor party, it was so exciting because I got to meet representatives from each of the pageants sponsors. We have sponsors from everything from shoes, to tanning solutions, jewellery, watches and even dentistry (got keep those pearly whites clean). Once we walked in to the room there were tables filled with bags for us, it was kind of crazy to me to think these people were actually giving us things for this pageant. It was really encouraging to know that they supported us and believed in what we were doing. So as a huge thank you to our sponsor’s I’m going to tell all of you a little about each. First sponsor I would like to take the time to thank has graciously supplied all of us girls here at the pageant with brand new heels for the show! Nine west is out shoe sponsor and  the shoes are to die for and I can’t wait to wear them!(even if my feet die in the process) . The next sponsor is superadorbs, they are a adorable 😉 accsessory company that has everything from earrings to ears, necklaces to key chains and everything a teenage girl (or styling person who is no long in their teens) could ask for . I personally was gift a beautiful black chocker necklace the a silver hoop and little star studs. Next we have our dental sponsor Archer Dental, who gave us a tooth care – care package ( which was honestly a life saver because I had lost my toothbrush somewhere along the way between Calgary and Ontario….oops). Plus the dentist is actually really funny so you don’t have to worry about having to do that awkward fake laugh when he makes a joke, cause he’s in tour mouth and you don’t want to offend him . Another one of our fantastic sponsors is Golden Glamour Goddesses who specialize in eyelash extentions, spray tans ( mobile spray tans too which I did get and highly recommend) and other healthy skin care products. They spoiled us with Shea body butters and a  refreshing  scented soap. Finally but deffinetly not lastly we have our lovely sponsors over at Uptothetime  who gave all of us girls beautiful necklaces with a charm on each one, the cool part about that is some of the charms were different and the chains differed from rose gold, gold and silver. They are also supplying whoever wins the title of Miss Teenage Canada with a watch of her choosing! All these of these amazing people and so many more have helped me get this far and I am honored and so thankful to them. 2 years ago is when I first saw a post for this pageant and I never would have thought of be where I am today ! I honestly can say that I love these girls and the whole thing about pageant sisters is true, I know that I have made some life long friends from all over Canada. Also I would like to take the time to thank you, the person who is reading this. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today, everyone who has supported me I am forever thankful for and I appreciate it so much, words can’t even describe.   The beautiful west nine shoes (that I’m not sure I can walk in yet 😂)

 The watch I choose from Uptothetime that just happend to also match my dress

Modeling what it’s like to spray skin brighter on your legs

 Archer Dental coming in clutch with the toothbrush I needed !

  1. The crazy cute accessories from super adorbs!
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This is my fashion blog post from street chich, once I get it back ill post the proper like this is just the article I wrote

I Live in Calgary and I must say I am so lucky too because when it comes to fashion we have everything to high-end , super fancy clothing such as fancy dresses to country wear which includes cowboy boots and during stampede a cowboy hat. Even ‘just a Saturday night in with the girls but you have to still go pick up that pizza in a bit so you have to look semi presentable’ look which is one that I find myself wearing more than I’d like to admit. In Calgary we also have a very widespread street wear style that differs from a long, baggy shirt worn as a dress with plaid around your waist to sweats and a jersey. All of these styles and looks are never just set to genders which is also one of my favorite style choices to play with such as wearing a man’s shirt or a blazer. I have 4 different looks that I find myself frequently wearing and sometimes I mix them up and combine styles. My first look is something you can wear to a casual event/ outing or you can dress it up with heels like I did or even a bit of jewelry like bracelets or a longer necklace since the front is quite plain and you’re good to go to a nice dinner. The model (Cailyn) is shown wearing a shoulder less top which is a must in every girls closet during the summer (free those shoulders) but due to the fact that there is no hiding annoying bra straps I highly recommend a strapless bra, which I know can be tricky to keep up sometimes but your outfit will look so much better. The shirt is just a plain high waisted black skirt which gives you the freedom to tuck in your shirt or leave it untucked, the short the model is wearing was quite long so I decided to have is tucked in for a cleaner and more out together look.  My second outfit is country inspired and is something I find myself wear quite often. The model is wearing something you could wear for a day out, Calgary stampede or an outing to one of the many country themed bars we have. I choose to stick with the lighter color for the jeans and top because not only does it get less hot I also find it makes your boots pop more, but you could just as easily throw on some dark blue jeans and the outfit would still work. Traditionally with cowboy boots you would wear boot cut jeans that cover them but if you’d like to show them off wear a tighter fighting jean such as a skinny jean to show those boots off. Also on a side note is like to add the fact that cowboy boots are one of my favorite shoes because they are versatile and functional but also they look great with jeans and if planned right they go amazingly well with a skirt or cute summer dress. My third look is street wear that is comfortable and nice enough that to u could exercise in it or go out and do your daily deeds. I went with white sweat pants because I feel like they are a great statement piece considering how often you actually see white sweatpants. I went with the white tank top to blend in under to make the black jersey standout more. Then I used the red bandana and lipstick to give the look a pop of color and as a standout piece. Also I swear by converse they are my absolute favorite shoes and u can where them with anything at any time! For my last outfit I went for more of a classic look with the 50s style red dress. You can wear it whenever and its light enough to wear in the summer and once winter rolls around you can throw on some leggings or thighs and put on an old style knitted jacket (the one I have reminds me of a sock monkey) I think my favorite part about any of these outfits is that you can wear them anytime and dress them up or down due to your mood and what you are dressing for.

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In the past when people I know visit Calgary they always ask me if we have any really good tourist attractions that they should stop by. Often in times I’m never quite sure where to start, we have the Calgary zoo, which has just recently updated its animals with lemurs and they also have everything from penguins, to lions, to wolves and even dinosaurs. They have something for everyone in the family. The Telus spark center which is an interactive science center that teaches kids about thing like the water cycle, how light and sound travel. It was also just recently updated with a mind bending maze which is fun for the whole family or for you and your friends. We have also been lucky enough to have a bunch of different art pieces recently installed down town Calgary including the ‘wonderland’ piece otherwise known to locals as the big head in front of the bow building. For those who don’t know the Bow building is currently Calgary’s tallest skyscraper surpassing the well know Calgary tower (which is indeed another tourist attraction downtown.) Although there are very many unique things to see or visit in Calgary I believe my favorite is the Calgary peace bridge. Now you might be thinking “really a bridge?” but let me explain. This amazing piece of architecture opened in March of 2012, and is a whopping 428 feet end to end spanning across the bow river. The bridge was built to make it easier for pedestrians to get from the southern bow river pathway (which is a beautiful walk I might add) to downtown Calgary. I think what makes this bridge so special is the design and architecture of it. It was designed to be accessible to everyone no matter your ability to move, it was created with the intentions of keep as much space open as possible, also it has multiple lighting fixtures intergraded into the ground and sides of the bridge in order to keep it well-lit even at night. My personal favorite thing about the lights is that on special occasions the lights can vary in color creating a beautiful sceptical. The design of the bridge earned it the nickname “finger trap bridge” from locals here because it really does look like a finger trap. Due to the structure and 24/7 lighting I promise you can always get an amazing picture on or off the bridge. I have found the most amazing photos are taken when it’s at night because the lights from the bridge can often in times reflect off the water giving your photos an amazing glowing effect that you can’t get with any photo editor. The surrounding pathways and trees also make for great backgrounds due to their vibrant colors. My favorite time is just after spring but still before summer because there are beautiful flowers that grow riverside and beside the paths varying from bright yellow to deep purple. I think this is one of my favorite places to visit when we have an exciting event, for example my friends and I all took a limo to the bridge and took amazing grad photos and those are something I’m going to cherish forever. It is also a great place to take a late night or day time walk with your family or partner or even friends really. The bow river is one of Alberta’s larges rivers running from almost end to end of the province so it does make a great date spot by the bridge and beside the river. So I suggest if you ever come to Calgary you seriously have to visit the Calgary peace bridge and get some great photos.

Written by: Cailyn
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